Versant Residency

Employee Testimonials

  • Sharon Valentin


    “One of the best things is being part of cohort to share experiences with other nurses.”

  • Alik Inman


    “My preceptors were the most patient and knowledgeable nurses.”

  • Mike Hageman


    “Harrison makes me feel valuable by providing me with the resources I need to be successful.”

  • Angelina Muzzana


    “The program gave me the confidence to successfully transition from nursing school to the nursing profession.”

The Versant Residency Program at Harrison Medical Center nurtures new RN professionals. It prepares them to practice at a higher level, to confront daily challenges, and to help change the workplace for the better. This process, for expediting the transition from student to competent staff nurse, is contained in an 18 week program; with additional time for training in specialty units. Versant has created a Competency-Based model, which is a comprehensive, systematic, and standardized approach designed to onboard new graduates into their professional role with multi-layered support.

At the beginning of the residency, residents complete a Performance Gap Analysis, to identify their strengths and weaknesses as an RN. A personal learning plan is created, which is used to guide the new RN’s development. The new RN is provided with classroom time, unit time with a trained preceptor, and performance support tools (independent study) designed to ensure success. Versant’s competency-based approach to education aligns with the Quality and Safety Education for Nurses Institute (QSEN)’s national competency statements, as well as many other professional organizations.

This structured residency program supports the new graduate, and their success demonstrated by the competency and confidence of the new nurse at 18 weeks compared to nurses at 18 months who were on-boarded traditionally without the benefit of a structured residency program. This acceleration of competence has direct and tangible benefits to both organizations and nurses alike.

The Harrison Community Foundation has financially supported the Versant Residency program at Harrison since its beginning in 2009. Harrison’s Foundation has raised in excess of $3 million dollars, to date, to support new nurse training! This community support has helped prepare our new graduate RN’s since its inception and continues to grow each year!

When you are deciding where to begin your career, it is important to select an organization that has made a commitment to invest in its most valuable resource-its nurses! To join our team, visit

Harrison Medical Center offers Residency in the following specialty areas:

  • Medical/Surgical Acute Care
  • Emergency
  • Mother/Baby postpartum
  • Float Pool
  • Oncology 
  • Progressive Care Unit

Residency Requirements:

  • The applicant cannot have worked longer than 6 months as an RN.
  • Applicants are required to have graduated from an accredited associate or baccalaureate nursing program with a 3.0 GPA or higher.
  • Candidates must pass the NCLEX prior to the start of the program, but not necessarily prior to the interview.
  • Successful candidates will be required to sign a two year commitment contract.

The Versant Residency Program will have three start dates in 2018, February, April and August. Application period for February will open November 1st. Application period for April open will open December 4th. Application period for August will open April 23rd.

If you meet the above minimum requirements you will receive an email from a recruiter requesting that you provide the following to complete the application process:

  • Current resume
  • Two professional letters of recommendation
  • An Essay describing how you decided to become an RN, strengths/talents you can offer the team, and what you hope to take away from the program
  • Top three choices of clinical area
  • Current nursing school transcript

For more information, contact Julie Gardner at or call at 360-744-5707.

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